Trailer 005 FindingTheVoices Bijou Thaangjam introducing and promoting Manipuri Food at Master Chef India

Preview of the interview with Bijou Thaangjam,sharing his experience participating in Master Chef India. Being a Foodie myself, It was very interesting to know all the details behind the show. I am very impressed and proud that he used many recipes inspired/customized from traditional Manipuri recipe (Nganum, Chagempomba, tharoi thongba etc.) which took him to top 50. Also he shared many other interesting projects he is working on.

Please come back for the full interview releasing on saturday  27th October 2012.


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  1. Anonymous

    I wasn’t aware that a guy from our own state has taken part in master chef India. It’s a proud feeling for us as we find such things very rare. The work that you are doing is quite commendable. As we all very busy with their personal work non one exactly knows the things happening around but through finding the voices we come to know which is quite impressive. I will recommend to my friends to have a glance on this portal. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to see new more things.

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