Season 3 of FindingTheVoices, Washington DC (April 2016-April 2017)

A talk show by Monica Ingudam, originally from Manipur, India. Presenting voices about Manipur highlighting Inspiration, Education, Empowerment and Entertainment. Voices of people with a vision to promote positivity in the violence-torn land of Manipur. A platform for the people, by the people. A platform where we have come together despite the diversity of ethnicity or religion connecting us by humanity.

voices leaving us in tears …
voices giving us hope …
voices expressed in writings …
voices making us laugh …

We believe that these voices will connect all of us and definitely contribute to change the scenery of the conflict and violence-torn to peace and progress in our society.

A weekly talk show, releasing every Saturday at
for Season 3 (April 2016 – April 2017)

FindingTheVoices is supported by the people making FindingTheVoices their own platform. Join the family of FindingTheVoices. Inviting Sponsors for Season 3 of FindingTheVoices.

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  • FindingTheVoices is aired in ISTV, Local TV channel in Manipur, India. (Every Tuesdays at 7 PM With a repeat telecast on Wednesdays 11 AM and 2 PM.)
  • FindingTheVoices featured by Manipur Times.
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Comments (20)

  1. Lokeo Thokchom

    So many inspiring storylines…. Sister ! You are also the another reason to make us feel proud being Manipuri.

    Lots of wish for the sucessful season.

  2. Anonymous

    Hello sis,i m rojit from singjamei i have a bad feelings in my heart that todays generation people is not adjustable and small hearted every people in here are going in a track that no one is not possible to remember in his or her life every one is diverting in a conjusted way of life,pollitics and bussinesed minded.In my thought there will be no meiteis in the next generation because of the system.

  3. Anonymous

    I offer my heartfelt appreciate such a good and genuine work being carried by Monica…carry on…and want to be part of it…

  4. Anonymous

    Excellent sis..u are doing an excellent job!! May God bless u and ur work..

  5. Anonymous

    Really appreciated Monica ingudam

    It’s a great step
    If we collect real life stories
    And presenting it to the people
    By writing a book like “The secrets”
    Or We can present it as a short films
    Making series of it
    and through the local media spreading it
    As whole manipur loves to watch TV
    It ll be automatically plant the ideas in every mind of kangleichas
    Specially to young kangleichas

    And by the grace of God
    Your msg will reach to those brave hearts
    Who still live in dark cos of social dramas and traumas.
    Somewhere in the corner of manipur
    We need their spirit
    We need their hearts
    If they give their heart
    They will give everything.

    Collectively we shine
    Through unity we triumph
    And with love and respect,
    we know our spirit and life.

  6. Anonymous

    She is doing an incredible job.. I have seen her many videos interviewing talented singers.. Best wishes to her!

  7. Anonymous

    I really watched many episodes,it,s very interesting .So,Keep it Up

  8. Anonymous

    great step taken sis…all the very best in future too

  9. Anonymous

    Many many congratulations . We always delighted to have a beautiful host with us

  10. Anonymous

    che che its a great day today for me…… b’coz i ‘ve found you.

  11. Anonymous

    This is an ambitious initiative. Nice page and accompanying site. Keep it up sis!

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