Season 3 of FindingTheVoices about Manipur highlighting Inspiration, Education, Empowerment and Entertainment.

Season 3 of FindingTheVoices, Washington DC (April 2016-April 2017)

A talk show by Monica Ingudam, originally from Manipur, India. Presenting voices about Manipur highlighting Inspiration, Education, Empowerment and Entertainment. Voices of people with a vision to promote positivity in the violence-torn land of Manipur. A platform for the people, by the people. A platform where we have come together despite the diversity of ethnicity or religion connecting us by humanity.

voices leaving us in tears …
voices giving us hope …
voices expressed in writings …
voices making us laugh …

We believe that these voices will connect all of us and definitely contribute to change the scenery of the conflict and violence-torn to peace and progress in our society.

A weekly talk show, releasing every Saturday at
for Season 3 (April 2016 – April 2017)

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  • FindingTheVoices is aired in ISTV, Local TV channel in Manipur, India. (Every Tuesdays at 7 PM With a repeat telecast on Wednesdays 11 AM and 2 PM.)
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