Music of the world 002: Chloe Baker ‘s haunting voice in her song “Love Won’t Make You Cry”

“Love won’t tear you down, call you names or laugh at your pain
Love won’t sacrifice your hopes and dreams
For heartache and shame
Love won’t beat you or burn you or hang out to dry
Love won’t make you cry”

It’s from a song by Chloe Baker which I have been listening back to back from yesterday. Every time I listen to her hauntingly beautiful voice, I can feel her words and absorb the meaning even deeper. I love the lyrics and her voice.

I always look up the details of the artist when I love the work, to get to know a bit about the artist. Chloe Baker is a New Jersey-based singer and songwriter. I believe that there is always somebody who is behind you, backing your dreams, who inspired you to step up that extra step,  catches you when you fall. It’s interesting to note that Chloe Baker grew up in a home filled with music and she worked very closely with her father to record and produce her music. It must be a beautiful feeling to work together with her father creating beautiful memories which will last forever. Staying across countries, I miss my father very much. He has always been there and I treasure my memories with him including the arguments and tears. Can’t help thinking if they fought and argued while they worked together, just like I do with my father.

I love her song “Love won’t make you cry” so much that I looked up and watched all her other songs. The song “The Rope” was written and sung based on her feelings about the suicide of a distant cousin. I definitely see a lot of talent in her as a young singer and songwriter. She believes in her words and songs, which can be felt bringing the instant connection to her words and voice.


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