Dzukou Valley of Manipur

Dzukou Valley of Manipur. Photographer: Jogamani Sharma

Dzuko Valley of Manipur. A place my heart seeks to go.
And I hope to watch the sunrise at Dzuko Valley of Manipur someday.
I have heard so much about this stream at Dzuko Valley of Manipur.
A peaceful view of Dzuko Valley of Manipur. The much needed peace in Manipur.
Dzuko Valley of Manipur. I could walk miles and miles just to see this place.

Seeing the pictures and hearing so much about the beauty of Dzukou Valley, I am deeply inspired by the untouched beauty and have always wanted to walk and see this beautiful place. Someday I hope to see this place.

Sometime back in January of 2015, I had participated in NYC Midnight’s short story contest and was assigned a Ski-Fi genre, a genre which is definitely not my strength. However I wrote ‘A walk at Dzukou Valley’. In this story , I used the location of Dzukou Valley and wrote based on what I have seen in many of the pictures, and my deep desire to go to Dzukou. I got Honorable Mention of the story for the contest and one of the Judge mentioned “The exotic setting of the Dzukou Valley is a plus.”

#Honorable Mention ‘A walk at Dzukou Valley’ by Monica Ingudam

SYNOPSIS – There was a choice, to travel real time in the retirement party menu, to travel at any location on earth to live organically before retiring the body. And I have 5 days to live and find my love, my love I was supposed to meet 50 years ago when I was 28.