Music of the world 007: Going to dark places with Chris Wirsig’s instrumental music

We have had times where we delve in dark moments in life leaving us in a trance taking us to the darkest place. A dark place which sucks your mind and body with such force, making it difficult to get out. We have also gone through times where we are stuck with images of our dreams and nightmares haunting us. We know it’s not real but it felt so real leaving us gripping with fear, with a state of restlessness and confusion. And I identify such moments expressed by the instrumental music collection “13 Crystal Skulls” of Chris Wirsig. Listening to his music, even having a good cry out and dealing with the darkness may be a good way to wake up from the trance and walk out of that phase.

Composer Chris Wirsig found inspiration in the mystery of the 13 Crystal Skulls that have been captivating people’s imagination for over 100 years, from Indiana Jones to conspiracy theorists. With this in mind he created 13 instrumental songs, delving into mysterious atmospheres and dark places. I like all the numbers in the collection but my favorite is “Overture” and “The Shaman’s Lore” 

And on the other hand, it is people like Chris Wirsig which gives a movie or a video game a life synching you with the ambience with the background instrumental music.

His latest works can be seen in the short mystery movie “20 Matches”.

His latest works include music for the acclaimed Top Ten iPad game “Alien Tribe 2”

Band/Artist: Chris Wirsig / no:carrier
Location: Los Angeles
Styles: Dark Ambient, Ambient, Electronica, Soundtrack

A little bit about Chris Wirsig:  He studied audio engineering at Munich’s SAE Technology College and has more than 15 years experience in music production. He is into writing songs and making music for computer demos and commercial games. He started the acclaimed Electro Noire band no:carrier and the Electronica/Chill-Out project Virtual Conformity. He enjoyed classical training on piano and saxophone.

For Full streaming check out

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