Episode 061 FindingTheVoices : Robert Naorem, Fashion Designer, stylist, Makeup artist sharing about his career choice

Proud to present 3rd part of Robert Naorem’s podcast where we talk in details about his journey as a Fashion Designer and details about his career. Listen to the podcast to hear the details of his career choice detailing about being a make-up artist and aspiration to being a designer, an established designer. He currently employs 15 people, all from Manipur giving them training, grooming them and offering a different life and live with dignity and respect. His belief echos with my belief on Education. He shares about his own experience and struggle with his own parents on his choice of career path. Mostly parent’s don’t consider a career path based on the child’s interest. It’s time for parents to change their mindset and widen their support on career choice other than the traditional acceptable career. Any parents listening to our show ?

You can catch up the 1st part of his podcast where he shared about his conflicting childhood and 2nd part of his podcast where he shared about his first show, Manipur Fashion Extravaganza 2013.

Picture Courtesy : Tiken Thockchom (Tiken Photography) Pictures of the 2nd show of Robert Naorem ‘s Manipur Fashion Extravaganza 2014

Video Courtesy: Youtube ANImultimedia


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