099 It’s all in the mind : The fallen one

You zipped through,
Ignoring the fallen one,
Wailing for help,
Yes, the fallen one,
The one who needed your help,
But had nothing to offer,
But you zipped through,
Knowing you could have helped,
But you wouldn’t,
Your head is clear,
Your mind is set,
You need to be right,
And so I must be wrong,
So wrong who deserved to be alone wailing in the dark pit.

You had stopped before,
But then it was bright and beautiful.

The pit became darker,
The wail stopped,
The voice silenced,
Hardening the heart,
Drying the tears,
Breaking the spirit,
But with time found the voice in that silence,
Creating beautiful in the darkness,
Strengthening the soul with the pains,
Mending the spirit,
A spirit one can’t kill,
A spirit rising from being fallen,
The fallen one doesn’t always remain fallen,
And the fallen one doesn’t forget.


2 thoughts on “099 It’s all in the mind : The fallen one

  1. A piece about betrayal. The protagonist has been left alone, and abandoned in a dark place. Friends help in the good times, but pass her by when times are hard. Good free verse addressing the strength of spirit our protagonist develops as a result of doing it alone. And he/she’s wise to the fair-weather friends. Well done, and good luck

  2. Oft times the fallen rise up stronger than ever. Your message is aptly conveyed to the reader in this write, mystery writer.

    Fave line … “strengthening the soul with the pains” … yes, whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

    Best wishes for the contest!

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