003 Matters of the Heart : You are my everything

“Matters of the heart”, a  #Valentine ‘s Day special, Contributed by : Maheshwori Kumam


Oh Princess of the Highest, Angel Palace.

Short, white, cute and beautiful.

Why’re  you so honest and kind to me?

Your integrity makes me crazy.


I’ve found none other persons like you.

I’ve roam, travel through all hearts of people,

But I’ve found none heart like the heart of you.

Your keyed to love makes me sprouting.


The day you wept, my drops of tears that 14th Feb night.

It’s still in my mind and I want to not to forget it.

I took your loyalty as a Rubies gifted for me.

Your nobility makes my heart like adamant.


And now my Store House of Memory is recuperated.

Coz you took away all irritable cells.

That’s why I wonder-which Multi-Vitamin is in you.

Your buoyant style makes me exonerate.


Among millions of friends,you are the best of all,

Among millions of love, love you the most,

Among millions of stars, you only shines bright,

You’ r my mom, my friend, my tutor, forget me not.

You’re my everything, everything.


~The End ~

Share with us your story/poems of your happy heart, broken heart. Enter your short nonfiction essay/poem in English. Must be a true short story. “Matters of the heart” #Valentine ‘s Day special

You can choose to remain anonymous if you want. Please call it out in the email. Submit as text via e-mail with Subject as “Matters of the heart” :” Your Name/Anonymous ” at FindingTheVoices@gmail.com

All accepted entries will be published at http://www.FindingTheVoices.com/


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