002 Matters of the Heart : An Attempt

“Matters of the heart”, a  #Valentine ‘s Day special, Contributed by : Anonymous  

An Attempt

Putting my thoughts in lines;
its raining wild,
yet the weather feels fine
and my mood is sublime.

sipping on my favorite cup of white tea
makes me realise,
the things i love i get them free;

of all the interests i have
nothing can catch up with
to the ones that you gave;

am i being unjust to the others?
is the question to ponder,
coz the apples you fed tastes the sweetest.
is it the apple or the love u fed ?
coz to them it all tastes the same.

I’m baffled in between!
between the last and the next,
last time feels ancient
and the next is never there,
yet it awes me!
a feeling that feels so young
heals me sometimes
like how green amazes the eyes every time.

I see thousand faces everyday
yet my heart longs for the one
that brings exuberance

in short
you do that to me
what green does to the eyes!
you bring harmony to my heart and my mind!
making everything seem obvious
ending all the bewilderedness!
you do that to the me
what a smile does to the face,
you do that to me,

what i wanted to be done!!!

~The End ~

Share with us your story/poems of your happy heart, broken heart. Enter your short nonfiction essay/poem in English. Must be a true short story. “Matters of the heart” #Valentine ‘s Day special

You can choose to remain anonymous if you want. Please call it out in the email. Submit as text via e-mail with Subject as “Matters of the heart” :” Your Name/Anonymous ” at FindingTheVoices@gmail.com

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