Become a sponsor of FindingTheVoices

Become a sponsor and help support our production for our talk show, help us in getting more stories and more voices.

We have a very young team (from Manipur) supporting us with recording, editing and coordinating our show. The fund will go towards the cost for production for our talk show.

We appreciate and welcome any amount of contribution, we don’t believe in setting any amount, it’s how much you can contribute. As a sponsor of our show, we will include you in our sponsor list which will be published in our website and video podcast.

Please help in Finding The Voices, bringing the voices from our own people which are inspiring, educative, empowering and entertaining. Let’s get together, spread positivity in the violence-torn landscape of Manipur and show the world the talents of Manipur. And most importantly have some fun and laugh too. Why complain we are not featured or covered in the media world, let’s make our own. Join us and make FindingTheVoices your own platform.

Thank you for all your support and help.

Become a sponsor of FindingTheVoices

Become a sponsor of FindingTheVoices


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