Learning about “Saroi Khangba” in Manipur from Madam Saroj Nalini, a vodcast in Meiteilon (Manipuri language).

What do you know about #Manipur’s “Lamta Thangja” and “Saroi Khangba” ? Though I had seen it, I didn’t know much about it except being scared on those Saturdays. After seeing the vivid capture of Ronel Seram’s pictures he shared with FindingTheVoices I was inspired to learn more. Today, my mother told me the story on my way to work, over the phone (which I really enjoyed, remembering what I saw growing up) and I had recorded it.

Please share your memories and what you know of “Lamta Thangja” and “Saroi Khangba” ?

Special thanks to Ronel Seram for sharing these pictures.


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