Education and Financial Independence for Woman

Education and Financial Independence for Woman

An article by Monica Ingudam

As we celebrate Woman’s day today, I would like to thank my parents and all the parents who have given the gift of education and raising a girl child with gender equality despite the economic background. The best gift any child could receive is the gift of education which would last a lifetime with the knowledge gained, but also giving a path to attain financial independence.

Financial independence for a woman plays a very important role to live in dignity, to voice the mind, to get the freedom to do little things in life, little things that matters in your heart, lifting your self-esteem and confidence. It’s a whole different charm and satisfaction to do things for yourself or for your love ones with your own hard earned money, than it is doing by asking or begging someone or even getting it as a gift.

For “many woman” who are financially dependent, she is faced to accept decisions and whims of the bread winner of the family. Though she may be contributing and managing the home front with excellence, her life gets compromised in many ways. Her voice getting drowned, not heard and finally silenced, reducing her status to a programmed robot, a human robot taking commands with the only freedom to shed tears.

Some may argue this is not always the case and I agree. But if you ever fall in the category of the “many woman” and you are equipped with “Education”, you have the “choice” to attain financial independence pursuing your career to sustain yourself, free yourself, find your voice, and live a life with dignity.

~The End ~

This post is dedicated to all my young student listeners to pursue your education no matter what. There is a time and place for everything and now is your time to study.

This article, though edited was featured in the March 2014 issue of “Northeast Today” magazine, page 57.  Thanks “Northeast Today” for featuring my thoughts on celebrating womanhood.




4 thoughts on “Education and Financial Independence for Woman

  1. Nothing has been change in our society..either fncly indp or not eductd or not women always doing household to save and safe their family..though somehow men finds their way to torture women physicaly or mentaly.

  2. It’s really true n indeed too.when we are financially sound we can take our own decisions with ease.And we can be financially strong only when we r properly educated.

  3. I have a little different perspective or dimension on Masculine – Feminine. Our culture or existence is dielectric. It means there is co existence of masculine and feminine. Masculine is needed for survival and at the same time we need to maintain beauty and aesthetic of life in the family or in a society. However , essentially this beauty and aesthetic of live can only be nourished by feminine character . But today we are too much influenced by western culture and subsequently there is too much of exploitation or suppressed on feminine. A mother who is holding charge of a family is not less than a CEO of a company. A mother who is nourishing a next generation is more valuable than any other damn thing in the world. Here I am not saying that women should not come out of home for economic purpose. They must support the family. But we must realise that how important they are in the family or in the society.

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