Glimpse of Manipur, Picture of the Day Nov 2013 Contest for beautiful places in Manipur

Picture of the Day contest, to capture glimpse of Manipur, This post covers all the entries for category of beautiful places in Manipur. We invite everyone to cast your vote and choose the picture of your choice and pass along your comments or caption for the picture.

We have received and overwhelming surprised response on the beauty captured on previous pictures published. To promote pictures of Manipur, We initiated this contest of “Picture of the Day” in the following 3 Categories: – Flowers in Manipur – People in Traditional Dresses of Manipur – Beautiful places in Manipur

Prizes: For each category 1 Best Picture will be selected by Manipur Photography Club and FindingTheVoices. The winner of the best picture will receive a T-Shirt of Manipur Photography Club as a small gesture to encourage the beautiful clicks.

For each category 1 Best Picture will be selected based on viewers popularity (Likes & Comments on …FindingTheVoices Page). The winner will get 2 movie tickets “Amamba Sayon” Resurrection for ’15th Dec’ @ MFDC, Imphal.

FindingTheVoices will choose pictures for FindingTheVoices’s Greeting cards (with agreement with Photographer) based on popularity, Guest invitee’s comments and there will be surprise prize for these selected pictures.

Who is going to win these 3 T-Shirts of Manipur Photography Club ? Who is going to win these 6 tickets for the movie “Amamba Sayon” ? Will your picture be selected for Greeting cards of FindingTheVoices ?


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