Episode 044 FindingTheVoices Nameirakpam Bobo Meitei Author of Tales Of Human Mischief and A Cursed land sharing his journey of being a writer

Here is the podcast of Nameirakpam Bobo Meitei, Author of “Tales Of Human Mischief” and “A Cursed land” sharing his journey of being a writer. His books on a general note are grim, serious and gloomy reflecting life in Manipur.

It is interesting to listen to his journey and struggles of being a writer. And as usual, taking up the difficult path to pursue writing rather than traditional expected career option without support from parents and going through the initial rejections and disappointment from publishers to get his first book published.

He shares a very interesting journey detailing how he got his aspiration, process of writing in actually sitting in solitude and write and many other interesting details. His strength in writing is his creative descriptions which takes the reader to that scene described, feeling what the character is going through.

Listen to the clipping where he talks about his second book  “A Cursed land”,

Listen to the clipping where we talk about one of his initial writing “Colored Education” which he wrote based on an experience during his stay in Thailand, where racism is a big thing. Also we talk about being out of place, not being recognized as Indians within India and where many of his references in his books come from. His book are fiction but the characters, incidents in his books are inspired by facts and stories he has heard.

Read the initial writings of Bobo at e-pao before he published his 2 books.


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  1. Anonymous

    Hi Bobo, nice to know the background, about you and your stories. I have been following your writing from your pieces in e-pao. I also happen to like your photographs. Keep it up and let your creative juice flow, freely.

  2. Anonymous

    Hi Bobo, it is very interesting to know your struggles and pain you’ve gone through to arrive at this moment. ‘ll get that Cursed Land soon. Keep up the spirit.. Your hard work will be praise soon.

  3. tampha

    Looking forward to reading the book Bobo. Always feel good listening to your podcasts Monica! God bless.

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