040 FindingTheVoices Dr. Ngangbam Shantikumar Meetei, Mr World sharing his journey of getting Education growing up in poverty.

Dr. Ngangbam Shantikumar Meetei is a Ph.D., Professor of English and a world bodybuilder champion, Mr. world 2013.
Presenting the podcast of Dr. Ngangbam Shantikumar Meetei and in this episode he shares how he grew up and never gave up to get his education against all the odds he faced growing up in poverty.
This podcast is dedicated to all our student listeners. Listen to how much of struggle and hard work Dr. Ngangbam Shantikumar Meetei went through, never giving up despite his poverty, taking up part-time jobs for minimal pay to get through and support himself focusing to get his education. Again, one of my best story to emphasis that education is very important.
Please continue tuning in, next week we will be releasing his podcast about his journey in body building.
He won 1st positions: Mr. Sub-Junior Manipur(1 time), Mr. Delhi(4 times), Mr. Northern India(3 times), Mr. Northern India Overall title winner(1 time), Mr. Taiwan National(13 times), Taiwan National Games(3 times), Mr. Hong Kong Invitation(1 time), Mr. East Asia(1 time), Mr Senior Asia(1), and most recently, in this month, July 5/6 Dr. Ngangbam Shantikumar Meetei beat the whole world and brought Gold medal for Manipur.
Also, He had competed East Asia (4 times), Senior Asian( 7 times), Asian Games( 2 times, 6th position twice, and Mr. Universe 6 times(2 times 9th place, 3 times 10th place and 1 time 14th place).