HAPPY FATHER’s DAY to Manoharmayum Geetchandra Sharma, Wishes from Manoharmayum Nickson Sharma

Father’s Name:  Manoharmayum Geetchandra Sharma, Nagamapal Singjunbung Leirak, Manipur, India.

Profession: Entrepreneur/ Industrialist/ Proprietor of Manipur Plastic Industries/ Silver Dew Industries.


“The American dream and Dad’s dream”


Truth be told, my childhood was different, unlike many I have less memories with my dad. I don’t remember my dad telling me to study even for once. He be like “Son, what do you want, what do you need?” and he would give me everything.

I was brought up in a hostel since my 6th grade high school and I get to see him once in a while and I believe, it’s a story for many these days, innit?

Nevertheless, my dad was a great teacher to me, an inspiration, strong person. Since he is an entrepreneur, he would give me advice like “Don’t get addicted to any things and even if you do, don’t spend on it” and I live by those advice even today. So whenever we spend time together, it was all special and meaningful. He taught me how to be independent, how to take my own decision, what is right/wrong, how to see things differently, to do what you love in life.

Today, Globalization has made the world so small yet families are so away.

I am little away from him by distance chasing my American Dream and when I achieve anything in my life; it would be because of my parent’s support. He has always supported me with everything even with my dancing.

My dad’s dream is, someday I bring a huge change to my society, my people, a better place to live for his grandson. And I promise, I would make him proud someday sooner. To live a life of American Dream and Dad’s Dream together in Northeast India, to change the world.

During my teenager period, I remember my dad making fun of me when I started talking to a girl over the phone for the first time. He told me “___, isn’t calling you anymore?” and I was like “Stop it dad, we are just friends”. He was cool like a friend and chill out person overall. Though he has achieved many award in life, it was my first time when I receive his award “Global Achiever’s for Business Excellence, 2011’ at New Delhi and I was so PROUD of him. Happy Father’s Day, Dad! Big up to you for my life experience from London to Los Angeles.

P.S :

Wait, it’s 16th June in India, I need to call him up and not just wish him online.

Thanks a lot to “FindingtheVoice” for giving me this opportunity. God bless.

Some advice I would like to give to my son someday and see this writing in future.

“Son, listen to your mother.

Don’t get into trouble, be kind.

Don’t smoke and please stay away from bad things.

There are so many great things in life you can achieve, do what you love in life.

Treat girl like a princess, that’s what they are.

When you say ,“you gonna do something’, do it.

Earn as much money as you can, everything is so much easier with money.

Don’t lose faith in life, son”

Submitted by: Manoharmayum Nickson Sharma Location: Los Angeles , California.

Profession: Entrepreneur.

Academic: Bachelor: Electronics & Communication Engg.

Master: MBA in International Business & Operation.



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