HAPPY FATHER’s DAY to Hanjabam Gojendro Sharma, Wishes from H Nirjen Sharma

Father’s Name: Hanjabam Gojendro Sharma, Govt Employee (PWD), Imphal


When I recall my earliest tiny little footprints, I remember you walking by my side holding my hands giving me strength to my tender feet.

when I recall my fearless childhood stunts, I remember you holding me before I fall.
when I recall those frightening lightnings and thunders, I remember the warmth of your protective hugs.
When I recall confusing life’s crossroads, I remember you standing like a beacon showing me the path.
When I recall my joyful moments, I remember your caring smile sharing the joy.
When I recall myself, I remember you Dad.
Happy Father’s Day,
Thank you for all the love, support and care you have given me throughout my life.

Submitted by: H Nirjen Sharma, Product Analyst, Cognizant Technology Solutions, Mangalore


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