HAPPY FATHER’s DAY to (Late) Haitung Pame, Memoirs from Armstrong Pame

Father’s Name:  (Late) Haitung Pame, worked as primary school teacher cum carpenter.

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He worked for over 28 years as a teacher in a village called taguaram in tousem sub division.

..every thing he did had been a memorable one. Particularly when he said son don’t worry as long as I am alive I am gonna give my everything to make you what you wanna be…while I and my brother was there at shillong in 2001, when many of our frds received their monthly installment from home, we could never get sufficient amount in time, but whichever little money he sends he would say sons utilize this money to buy books, eat good food, take tuition if necessary etc, and would say don’t worry for money..just let me know if u need more there are so many works I can do to earn through carpentry. he would wake up at 3 30 am in the morning and start working and would stop till the sun sets and if there be a moonlit he still would be working…

Submitted by: Armstrong Pame, presently serving as SDO Tousem in Tamenglong district, Manipur, India.

Armstrong Pame IAS officer from Tamenglong sharing the journey in making the 100 KM Road in Manipur without any help or funding from the Government

Listen to his previous interview Part 1 & Part2.

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Father’s Day Poem in Meiteilon by Haubam Aaron khumancha

Ngasi FATHER’S day gi yaifa numit asida malemasida leiriba panthou khudingmakpu ekai khumnaba utchari amasung seireng asi khudol tamjari :::

Hourakliba thamoigi nongouna maning tamna peerang sinthajariba MALEM asi PALEM EMA nahakki tambakni;
Tamthiraba Matamgi amambada eraklaba wakhalbu, lamjingbiriba KOROU MANGAL asi PANTHOU nahakkini thajabani;

Aigi minokki damakta nungaiba kaya kaya kathoklibi thamoi asi PALEM nahakki thamoini;
Aigi yaifabagi damakta awaba kaya kaya mayokliba punshi asi PANTHOU nahakki punshini;

Malemgi torban amada nokchari macha amana, nijari kok nonduna SIDABA MAPUGI mafamda,

“Heh, TAIBANG MAPU athoiba, malem asibu konliba, lousing leitaba nachani, khangdaduna haibani, Palem Panthou anina aigidi TAIBANGNI ni, palem panthou bu latchabana aigidi lainingni.”

Aigi eral ngakpigani, palem panthoubu thoujalbigani !!!

Nokcharee NONGDAMBA mahaksu, thagatchari ngamkhei leitana oijaba khangdraba matoudubu, minungshi chellaba thamoidubu.

Malemgi atoppa torbanda, LAMJA angang amana, warouri MAIBANG MAPU mahakpu; Ningsinli palem panthougi nungsibabu;
Nokli mayamgi mamangda, awababu lotnabagi damakta, peerangbu kupsinnabagi damakta;

Eraknari peeranggi epakta SIDABA MAPU mahakki thamoisu, Sinthari peerang ningsinlubada hongbanaidraba bidhi mahakki bidhanbu !!!

@aron ~

Submitted by:

Haubam Aaron khumancha
I’m Post Graduate in Information Technology (MScIT) from SMU.
Since 2010 august I’ve been working as a high school maths teacher in a gov’t school & I’m a citizen of Assam. My district is known as Hailakandi .

HAPPY FATHER’s DAY to Mayengbam Swarjeshkumar Singh, Wishes from Mayengbam Pankaj Kumar

Father’s Name: Mayengbam Swarjeshkumar Singh, Sr. Acct. Asst. at MSCB. Imphal

(NB: Eche I do not have any photo with my Father, So I have attached one which was taken on my Niece’s B’day party.)

My father was always busy with his work but he did find time to take us to the movies or a concert from time to time. When the Hollywood blockbuster “Jurassic Park” was released and screened at “The Mini French” cinema hall, I requested him to take me to the movie. After days of pleadings, he finally agreed and we went to watch the movie this one holiday. My legs wouldn’t touch the ground when I was pillion riding on his Humber Bicycle, back then. So it was a holiday and the street was empty, I was so excited and couldn’t wait to reach the Hall. After a long ride, we eventually did reach the hall and voila! It was closed. Why? Because it was the 2nd of October, “Gandhi Jayanti”, one of the holidays on which a general strike was imposed in our state. I was disappointed and sulking. My father then took me to the Children’s Park (Indira Park) where I had lots of fun, sliding, swinging and what not. Although, I couldn’t watch that movie, it was still a memorable day.

Most of my elementary math skills were given by my father, especially the “Unitary Method”, he is very good at that. He taught us to be fearless, to be focused, to be a good person, humanism, among other things. Happy Father’s day Baba…:)

Submitted by: Mayengbam Pankaj Kumar, Student, Allahabad.

HAPPY FATHER’s DAY to Dr.G.Mahendra Kr. Sharma, Wishes from June Neelu

Father’s Name: Dr.G.Mahendra Kr. Sharma, Imphal,Manipur

On Father’s Day, I wouldn’t want to tell about how great my Baba is but I would want to tell him a big ‘Thank you’ for what he made me as a person. I remember him telling me fairytales when I was a kid. Even though he would have numerous important work, he would still read me the fairytales. Those stories made me dream big in my life and of course he used to give “lectures” like every other dad but he wouldn’t scold me or whatsoever.
He would always try to reason it out and make me understand. His teaching and mentoring on character formation is immense and i know that those time proved really crucial for me to become a better human being. He’s the one who counseled me on my life and my careers and gave me a clear perspective on life.
He is not only my dad but my doctor as well. His love and care has treated me more than his prescriptions. He made me believe that I am special. And today I want to tell him that, I am what I am today because of him. Because He is special to me.
Happy Father’s day Baba. I love you.

Submitted by: June Neelu, Singer, Marketing Executive, Bangalore

HAPPY FATHER’s DAY to Yumkham Saratchandra Singh, Wishes from Sanatombi Yumkham

Father’s Name: Yumkham Saratchandra Singh, Retired MCS Officer, Khurai Thoudam Leikai


I used to wait for the weekends when you would be coming back from posting at Kangpokpi/Senapati for several years. I enjoyed summer holidays spending at your quarter at the hill posting locations. Those are the days I enjoyed the most with you and I always recall it even today. Your humble, sincerity and punctuality at works and services were something that I have always admired and respected.  Your principles have taught me many things and useful source of inspiration in my life and career. One thing I always recall “Mioibabu ngakpiba haibase kwaidagi chaoraba gunni. “

Happy Father’s Day.  I always wish you good health and a long life. I love you Ipa (we call our father Ipa maybe because he was posted most of the time at the hill stations) so much and I always feel blessed to have you as my father. Thank you Ipa for all the things you have done for me.

Submitted by: Sanatombi Yumkham, Suwon – South Korea

HAPPY FATHER’s DAY to Oinam Nabakumar Singh, Wishes from Tampha Oinam Gupta

Father’s Name: Oinam Nabakumar Singh, Retired Army officer , Imphal

My father is a retired army officer & despite all the ideological differences people have/had about the Armed forces, he taught me to respect these very differences as its important to know both sides of the story. The one thing that has stayed with me the most was his insistence on good education. He encouraged academics passionately. When I had wanted to take up Geography honours, I was informed by the college that it was going to be expensive specially with the costs of the projects, cartography materials, etc. I was disheartened but my father stopped me from doing anything else other than that. He said : I’ll eat grass if I have to, but you shall do your geography honours. Thankfully it never came to that but his commitment towards our betterment & education is something I can never forget and am very proud of too. Many years after(and the geography honours done) and now a mother I hope I’m able to imbibe the same dedication towards education to my daughter.
Thank you for reading.
Have a wonderful Fathers Day!
Best wishes. Khoiramjari.

Submitted by: Tampha Oinam Gupta, London


HAPPY FATHER’s DAY to Late Thokchom Gobind Singh, Remembering Papa from Roshni Thokchom

Father’s Name: Late Thokchom Gobind Singh, Sr Announcer, All India Radio, Imphal

Thank you Papa for being such a beautiful father till your last breath inspiring all of us with your actions and deeds you have attain personally and professionally. I have never came across such a wonderful, humble, passionate, hard working person like you.
He worked on paddy field to get the rich rice grains for us, equally managed his profession. People loved for his incredible contribution to All India Radio, Imphal. Education was always his priority and he would take all hardships to give us the best. Gardening, Papa’s passion, brought him so many state awards and we still treasure some of his work.
We miss u on this day.
Your children and grandchildren.

Submitted by: Roshni Thokchom, Muscat.

HAPPY FATHER’s DAY to Hanjabam Gojendro Sharma, Wishes from H Nirjen Sharma

Father’s Name: Hanjabam Gojendro Sharma, Govt Employee (PWD), Imphal


When I recall my earliest tiny little footprints, I remember you walking by my side holding my hands giving me strength to my tender feet.

when I recall my fearless childhood stunts, I remember you holding me before I fall.
when I recall those frightening lightnings and thunders, I remember the warmth of your protective hugs.
When I recall confusing life’s crossroads, I remember you standing like a beacon showing me the path.
When I recall my joyful moments, I remember your caring smile sharing the joy.
When I recall myself, I remember you Dad.
Happy Father’s Day,
Thank you for all the love, support and care you have given me throughout my life.

Submitted by: H Nirjen Sharma, Product Analyst, Cognizant Technology Solutions, Mangalore

HAPPY FATHER’s DAY to Manoharmayum Geetchandra Sharma, Wishes from Manoharmayum Nickson Sharma

Father’s Name:  Manoharmayum Geetchandra Sharma, Nagamapal Singjunbung Leirak, Manipur, India.

Profession: Entrepreneur/ Industrialist/ Proprietor of Manipur Plastic Industries/ Silver Dew Industries.


“The American dream and Dad’s dream”


Truth be told, my childhood was different, unlike many I have less memories with my dad. I don’t remember my dad telling me to study even for once. He be like “Son, what do you want, what do you need?” and he would give me everything.

I was brought up in a hostel since my 6th grade high school and I get to see him once in a while and I believe, it’s a story for many these days, innit?

Nevertheless, my dad was a great teacher to me, an inspiration, strong person. Since he is an entrepreneur, he would give me advice like “Don’t get addicted to any things and even if you do, don’t spend on it” and I live by those advice even today. So whenever we spend time together, it was all special and meaningful. He taught me how to be independent, how to take my own decision, what is right/wrong, how to see things differently, to do what you love in life.

Today, Globalization has made the world so small yet families are so away.

I am little away from him by distance chasing my American Dream and when I achieve anything in my life; it would be because of my parent’s support. He has always supported me with everything even with my dancing.

My dad’s dream is, someday I bring a huge change to my society, my people, a better place to live for his grandson. And I promise, I would make him proud someday sooner. To live a life of American Dream and Dad’s Dream together in Northeast India, to change the world.

During my teenager period, I remember my dad making fun of me when I started talking to a girl over the phone for the first time. He told me “___, isn’t calling you anymore?” and I was like “Stop it dad, we are just friends”. He was cool like a friend and chill out person overall. Though he has achieved many award in life, it was my first time when I receive his award “Global Achiever’s for Business Excellence, 2011’ at New Delhi and I was so PROUD of him. Happy Father’s Day, Dad! Big up to you for my life experience from London to Los Angeles.

P.S :

Wait, it’s 16th June in India, I need to call him up and not just wish him online.

Thanks a lot to “FindingtheVoice” for giving me this opportunity. God bless.

Some advice I would like to give to my son someday and see this writing in future.

“Son, listen to your mother.

Don’t get into trouble, be kind.

Don’t smoke and please stay away from bad things.

There are so many great things in life you can achieve, do what you love in life.

Treat girl like a princess, that’s what they are.

When you say ,“you gonna do something’, do it.

Earn as much money as you can, everything is so much easier with money.

Don’t lose faith in life, son”

Submitted by: Manoharmayum Nickson Sharma Location: Los Angeles , California.

Profession: Entrepreneur.

Academic: Bachelor: Electronics & Communication Engg.

Master: MBA in International Business & Operation.