HAPPY FATHER’s DAY to Elder Mangsuanpau Zou, Wishes from Khams Zotal

Father’s Name:  Elder Mangsuanpau Zou, Cultivator and church Elder in Manipur Evangelical Lutheran Christian Church, Hiangzou, Churachandpur, Manipur

Thinking of the past, the way my Dad trained me up, and the dream that I had on me is like Martin Luther King Jr. (I have a dream..! I have a dream). My Dad has a dream on me that his Son’s (I) will be a reaching to his dreams.

My Dad is my super hero than the any celebs all over the world, He guided me and protected me, he never give up on me. His is my best friend; my worldly God, Nothing much comparable with my heroes than saying “THANKS” with my tears, the world may not know how much I love my dad and how much we shared love and forgiveness. But

In February 2012, I got a phone calls from my Daddy, Was so excited to talk with my Dad whenever he rang me up. Unfortunately, my Dad surprisingly said to me that Son’s “I may not be with you for long, but you should never ever give up” this is the words he told me as he suffered from “Diabetes” in a serious situation. OMG!!!

I started praying  “ God Please save my Dad, I know you can do anything’s, nothing is impossible to you God, I have a faith in you and I trust you that we can save my dad’s life from his sickness, a giver of all sickness and a healer of all sickness”  this is the words of prayer every day. Me and My Dad is not staying in the same places, I stay in Shillong for my studies, dad and family members stay in home sweet home.(My home town).

I can’t concentrate in my studies anymore with the tension that I had. Because once if my dad left me I will not be studying anymore and I am helpless, He is my foundation in all fields. Almost a month I remain unhappy and always wept thinking what if my Dad’s pass away? What if I don’t have fathers’ anymore? Who will look after me and pay for my fees? Lots of question raised from time to time that makes me so weak!!!

By God’s grace, he is healed, he support me, I talked with him, He works for the glory of God,

I think make me to value my parents, now I come to know how much value is being with parents? How much precious is to have worldly God?

Many of youths may not value your parents, but from my experience, being without parents will be like a birth flying in the air without the right wings.

Happy Fathers’ Day “Pa”

May you live long with ‘Mom”

Submitted by: Khams Zotal


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