HAPPY MOTHER’s DAY Khwairakpam Ningol Radharani

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Mom : Khwairakpam Ningol Radharani, Teacher, Toubul , Bishnupur District

Best Moment : There are lots and lots of best moments that I shared with my mom that I cannot probably recollect which one was the Best. Well, If I flip through my vacation dairies, I will surely get uncountable memories of mother’s care for me ranging from the varieties of Manipuri cuisines she cooked for me which is the most precious thing for me as I grew up in a residential school since childhood; the late night awesome coffee she made for me while I was studying ; the way in which she made my bed while i fall asleep on the table. Well, as of now the best moment I can remember was that I stand up against Baba to protect my mother with a knife when a feud seeped in between him and mom when I was just 6 years old.

Moment I want to say Sorry : I still remember the day when mom was so sick and lying on the bed groaning with pain. I was the only one to cook food as everyone in the family was away. Mischief was I, playing computer games amidst the cooking session that the food turns out to be overcooked and the curry tasted really bad. I felt the numb in my heart when I saw only tears on my mothers bed without she touching a grain of rice I offered on her bed. For this, I just want to say SORRY to my mom that I was a mischief child and from now on I ll provide her my full attention in any times of need. I want to apologize with a conviction that she will be my top priority in times to come.

On this Special day, I want to thank my mom for everything. How much I want to give her a hug to make her feel that this life is worth living all because of her. I thank her for the times she supported me physically, mentally and psychologically when everyone had walked out including dad.

All I can say is ” She is the one who can take the place of all others, but whose place no one else can take ” Love you mom. Well, This lifetime seems to be insufficient to show you my love.

Submitted by: Rocky Wahengbam, Student, Delhi University, India.


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