HAPPY MOTHER’s DAY Mrs Bonely Sangma

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Mom’s Name & profession-Mrs Bonely Sangma, Retd  Additional director Medical health services Manipur

What do you appreciate in your MOM and want to say Thank you for ?

She  is a wonderful and graceful lady. A loving mom, a caring n supporting wife to my dad and a loving grandmother to all her grandchildren. A great pillar of strength and an inspiration to  me and my three siblings

What I admire in my mom is her patience . Adjusting very well in a totally different culture, traditions n society after getting married to my father,  Her  believe in god and instilling  in us the power of prayers n faith in god.

I Will never forget those days when she would sit with us late at night during our exams even though she had to go to work the next day. Even though she was a working woman she always took out quality time for us. Nursing us day n night when we were sick .

I truly  admire  my  moms love for animals/ pets. We all grew up with dogs n cats at home and from her we have developed a fondness for dogs.

Another great thing is her hobby he tireless effort of  gardening . making the house look so beautiful with her exotic plants n flowers

I really appreciate all the things she has done for us. The lists is endless. Her  Undying love and unconditional support for her children . Never getting tired of praying for the well being  of her children everyday

Any moment you want to say sorry about ?
I want to say sorry for all the troubles I got you into. I can understand how hard it must have been raising up four daughters.
Sorry for all the thoughtless outburst on you not even thinking once how you must be feeling. You got Hurt but  you never showed n have always forgiven  me.
You truly have the heart of gold.

Thank you for always being a good listener and a good friend . thank you for all the motivations and teaching us to be good human beings .

Even when i am old enough with two kids i still need  you beside me when i feel low and down

On Mother’s Day  I want to say How much i love you and miss you . I may not call you everyday but you are always on my mind. And I thank god for being fortunate enough to be the daughter of such a great mom.
Wishing you very happy Mother’s Day dear mamma!!

Submitted by: Bobby Soram, House wife, Malaysia


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