Episode 028 FindingTheVoices Being a Mom, Special Mother’s Day Podcast with Tercia Arambam from UAE

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Thanks to Tercia Arambam, a mother of two, professional working in a demanding job, and lives in the UAE, for sharing her journey of “Being a Mom” for our special Mother’s Day podcast series.

How difficult is it for us to express our love to Mothers or people who are close to us? She shares a very touching way to express her love for her mom who passed away.

How many of us feel guilty when we cannot be there all the time for our kids ? How do we balance work and family ? People loves to give advice on childcare, Do we take all of them ? It is interesting to find out about the maternity benefits of 1 hour for 18 months in UAE.

Please listen to this podcast to listen to Tercia Arambam’s struggle of trying to balance between work and family and her journey of “Being a MOM”


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