Mom’s Name & profession: HUIDROM RASHAMANI DEVI. Mom sells clothes at the Ema Keithel

My Mom has always given me my space even during difficult times in adolescence. I was never scolded, instead my freedom given by my Mom, made me responsible for my actions. I will always be thankful to my Mom for teaching me this quality which has inspired me to respect everyone with their unique individuality.

Since I have been away from home for my studies, apart from yearly visits, I have not spent much time at home. There are times when she is unwell and even though I would like to be near her, that has not been possible. Those are times when I feel sorry that I can’t take care of her.

Submitted by : BUDHACHANDRA KHUNDRAKPAM Post Doctoral Fellow at Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital,
McGill University, Montreal, Canada


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