HAPPY MOTHER’s DAY (Late) Wahengbam Chaobi Devi

(Late) Wahengbam Chaobi Devi, worked as a UDC for the government of Manipur

What do you appreciate in your MOM and want to say Thank you for ?

My mom was very upfront, very hard working and resilient. She never tired of doing things for her children. She was the lakshmi of our family. I want to thank her for her endless efforts and sacrifice she made for all of us. She took premature retirement to help dad with his school “School of Speedwriters” which needed manpower and management.

Any moment you want to say sorry about ?

I am sorry about many things. The most being the fact that she did not live longer. I would have loved for her to enjoy more.

Submitted by :Nongmaithem Reeta Sanchez, currently a home maker and freelance translator and editor, Arizona, USA

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