Episode 022 FindingTheVoices : Mali Phonpadith, a poet, author and entrepreneur all the way from Laos to America

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Presenting Mali Phonpadith, a poet, author and entrepreneur, born in Laos during the Vietnam War. She shares her journey of a refugee from Laos all the way to America. Mali was only four years old when she and her family fled Laos to live in America. Her parents and grandmother had to find their way through the language barrier, the challenges of adapting to a new life in a foreign country raising their children. Immigrants have lots to co-relate in her story. Mali’s shares her world of love, pain and spiritual awakening. Listen to her sharing her thoughts on AFSPA in Manipur. Also she shares her love for Loas food.
In her book, A Million Fireflies, internationally award-winning poet Mali Phonpadith takes us on a journey of love and loss, incorporating both poetry and real life stories to give voice to the true language of a heart that has seen much, felt deeply and survived to shine. Mali’s Eastern sense of balance and heritage coupled with a strong spirit of individual freedom lend the narrative a searching authenticity. With her words, she honors the legacy of family, celebrates the lasting presence of loved ones and reveals a true freedom. Touching on a truth deeper than grief, A Million Fireflies illuminates the resilience of the creative human spirit.
Mali Phonpadith’s “A Million Fireflies” book tour will launch in early 2013 with host commitments from supporters throughout the United States, including New York, New Jersey, California, Illinois, Texas, Minnesota, Washington, DC, Virginia, Maryland, Rhode Island, Delaware, and Florida. Internationally, she has secured hosts in Spain, Italy, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Thailand, and Laos.
Music used in this Podcast: “Fade Away”: Lyrics by Mali Phonpadith. The music arrangement by Joe Sinclair. Our band’s name is “View from the Moon”. This is the rough cut and Mali is the singer here.

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