Crossing 5000 hits from 42 countries … THANKS for tuning in at FindingTheVoices !!!

Thank you everyone for viewing and listening to FindingTheVoices. We have crossed 5000 hits from 42 countries. Our goal is to have listeners/viewers all over the world and I get really happy when I see hits from a new country 🙂

Thanks for all the comments, messages and spreading the word. Also please continue with your suggestions on Guest Speakers and whose voice you want to hear. I am really touched with the effort and support from listeners suggesting for Guest Speakers passing along all the contact details. Yes we do have a long long list but we will get to all the request/suggestions, so please be patient.

Please come back again for more. This is your show. Here are some selected comments which I wanted to share with all:

Shyamo Khanganba  Dear Sister,I’d been went through your web page it’s kinda interesting also I’d enjoyed and love it, a sincere thanks to you also I’m so proud of you and who you’ve become now. You’re in a world without chains now, you let your heart lead your brain how you always wanted it to be.

Listener from South Korea:  I just checked and listened to all the podcast. I enjoyed all the interviews and waiting for che dhaneshwari too. I just wanted to congratulate u n the efforts you put on is worth it. I wish u & Finding the Voice lots of success in future.

Jamuna Advani: Listening to Monica’s interview with Junichi Kajioka was something very informative and kept me spellbound.

It is really encouraging to see comments, sharing of FindingTheVoices post in Twitter, LinkedIn and facebook. We are working on improvement based on your feedback/ideas/comments, they are very valuable, so please continue to write back. I am so touched with the response I received from everyone. Thanks !!

Sharing picture from Martin Hoabam ‘s collection, my favorite orchid  found in Manipur, India in honour of listeners from Manipur all over the world. I want to post relevant pictures of places where listeners of FindingTheVoices are located. Please e-mail me pictures of anything beautiful/nice of your location.


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