007 FindingTheVoices Interview with Maisnam Dhaneswari, Cabin Services Director at Qatar Airways sharing details of her choice of career as a Cabin Crew 

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Enjoy the interview with Maisnam Dhaneswari from Manipur who is working as Cabin Services Director at Qatar Airways, the voted Airline of the Year 2011 connecting to more than 100 plus destinations worldwide. Dhaneswari shares  very interesting details of her choice of career as a Cabin Crew. Thanks you for sharing such details !!

One of the goal for FindingTheVoices is to increase the exposure of different career and job options for young students particularly students in Manipur. I have spoken to many students and the popular career options are to become a Doctor, Engineer or IAS officer. These are great career options, I myself am a Computer Science Engineer, but there are lot of other options.

Out of which Doctor is the most popular amongst the students (and also the parents !!). Students go for extensive tutions and even wait for 2 to 3 years to get into the entrance exam. There are cases where the students become depressed, loose self esteem and stray away on the event of failures on multiple attempts.


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  1. Anonymous

    please give subtitle either in Manipuri or English and please try to improve voice quality. in my suggest medium of interview should in manipuri since your interview mainly focus manipur society but with subtitle in english. See Korea Japan and any other society/community try to their own mother tongue why we. our language is in critical stage let try develop it…even hindi punjabi sankrit in india have their own spelling checking software but we dont have it…so it is ashamed for us isnt

  2. Bedajit

    Gr8 wrk. A small suggestion, pliz reduce the level of background music in the intro its very distracting.

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