004 FindingTheVoices Interview with Michelle Salam, Queen of cakes, founder of Michelle’s Sweet Temptation

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Enjoy the interview with Michelle Salam, Queen of cakes, founder of Michelle’s Sweet Temptation tempting you with her wonderful delicious home-baked cakes for any occasions. For those who knows about Michelle’s cake, you will know about her creations of rich chocolate Black Forest, the bliss of Pineapple cream and the aromatic flavor of Fruitcake. Listen to how she grew her business starting her first cake beating with a fork and baking with a tandoor, self-taught and expanding her business solely on words of mouth from her customers.

It was an honour for me to be interviewing her and sharing her voice with everyone as we grew up together sharing our teenage phase when we were in the same hostel at Sophia’s college, Mumbai.

Hats off to Michelle for her excellent work, putting a lot of effort to provide the cakes and orders for her customers struggling to get ingredients with all the bandh and blockade in Manipur and juggling with her 2 kids.

Thanks to Sumitra Phanjoubam, Associate Professor in Manipur and Sareo Yothingla, Teacher in Manipur for sharing their experience as customer of Michelle’s Sweet Temptation.

Michelle’s Sweet Temptation introduced edible photo imaging of your choice of cartoon characters,loved ones,a logo…just about any image you want on the cake.


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  1. Joyraj Waikhom

    Like Karna cut off his thumb to gift it to Guru Dronacharya,I did told auntie Michelle my thumb is to Like any cake u bake!! One of her devoted fan and customer,that is I’m. She’s really the Queen to have made every one sweet eating her cake. Her styles,designs and efforts are always worthy to praise.
    Once again hats off to you. And thankyou ‘fINding the Voices’ for finding the hidden creation we have in our state! Best wishes.

    • Reply

      Joyraj, my dear Brother, this is such a well written comment, made me laugh so much. Yes, It is amazing we have so many hidden talented and creative people and I will continue FindingTheVoices and let their voices reach every corner of the world. Thanks, keep your comments coming.

      • Joyraj Waikhom

        Hahaha!Well I was reffering to the Thumb Up ‘LIKEs’ in fACEBOOK.But you must have already understood my gesture.I happen to hear this at midnight 2am,and wrote it without any drafts though. Anyways I pray for a grand success of this endeavour you started. However Che,I don’t see the RSS or follow link,please help me. I’m here as well blogging when time permits,but would like to get updated of your blog and I couldn’t find the button for that! Help!

        • Reply

          🙂 Thanks ! I have the Follow link which will alert you via e-mail whenever I add a new post and also I have the RSS feed. I tested and it works fine, please let me know if you are still having problem. I have a facebook page too if you are on facebook.

  2. Anonymous

    I had Michelle’s famous black forest 3 years back nd it was yumtastic:)

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