The Code of the Extraordinary Mind by Vishen Lakhiani #BookReview #AmReading #FindingTheVoices

The Code of the Extraordinary Mind by Vishen Lakhiani

A book review by Monica Ingudam

Book Title:The Code of the Extraordinary Mind

Author: Vishen Lakhiani

Publication: Rodale Books 2016, 288 pages.

This book is by Vishen Lakhiani,  a computer engineer and entrepreneur in education technology, he is the founder and CEO of Mindvalley. My deepest gratitude to Vishen Lakhiani and Mindvalley for leading me to new doors of expanding my personal growth and learnings. I found Mindvalley and read this book “The Code of the Extraordinary Mind at the time I needed it the most.

Raised in a conflicted state of Manipur in India mostly within the walls of my father’s house and my school, walking in fear and restraint with the survival instinct in the forefront and loosing a little bit of my identity trying to fit in carrying the “Brules” (as Vishen calls it) as I moved around the globe. And yet the strong feeling of being not aligned would keep taking me back to the lingering question of my identity. As I read the book, I felt so much in place, I fit in, I understood and resonated with many of Vishen’s writing and the code of the extraordinary mind. I felt extraordinary and fearless. And I saw these huge options of learnings and more learnings in front of me.

Amongst many things I learnt and am still practicing from this book, here are three I want to share:

  • Rejection: Even if you fail, you won’t take rejection personally because it’s not you. It must be your method or approach or skill or whatever. And you know you can improve and try again. I am more conscious now of taking rejection personally by practicing this code making me turn around to improve on my approach and try again instead of wallowing in self-pity mode.
  • Gratitude: This has been one thing many have written and spoke about in the personal growth domain and I felt the true power of high energy and human connection when I applied it in the 1001Thagatchari a gratitude project for Manipur where participants come up in my weekly talk-show to share their gratitude by nominating one person in their personal space, for Manipur and at the global level. And I strongly believe that this project will spread the positivity elevating the morale connecting the people of Manipur.
  • Intuition: Tapping into the power of intuition. I had felt intuition before but never took it seriously. Now I have this huge interesting learnings in front of me.

There are lots more to learn, and you will have to read the book yourself. I have this book marked with my pencil, post-it and holds a favorite spot in my bedside collection. You can get the book from Amazon.



Book reviews by Monica Ingudam

Born in Manipur (India), based in Maryland (USA) patent holder for identifying Caller ID, with Computer Science Engineering background, you will find Monica Ingudam crunching numbers and data as an Analyst.  During the weekends you will find her hosting FindingTheVoices talk-show featuring authors, artists and people who inspire, empower, educate and entertain with the vision to connect and spread positivity. You will find her reading, writing and painting in her quiet time.



The Letter by Jamuna Devi Advani #BookReview #AmReading #FindingTheVoices

The Letter by Jamuna Devi Advani

A book review by Monica Ingudam

Book Title: The Letter

Author: Jamuna Devi Advani

Publication: India, Partridge India, 2014, 197 pages.

This book is a memoir by Jamuna Advani, born in Manipur and presently at San Ramon, California. This book captures her memories of her 1940's childhood days in Jiribam, a remote place in the state of Manipur in North East India and her life in America.

Jamuna Devi Advani, Author of “The Letter”

I had interviewed Mrs. Jamuna Advani during Season 1 of FindingTheVoices way back in 2013 where we spoke about her poetry book “Land of The Dancing Deer”. Her poems depicted a beautiful family history and reflections about her memories, beliefs and stories of her life’s journey. Her writing is an inspiration to me and I remain grateful to her. Her poems heightened my creativity, improved my consciousness to observe and listen to nature more closely.

I started reading this book “The Letter” in a flight back in 2014 during a trip to India. I was very excited to receive a copy from the author herself. Last weekend I was beginning to miss reading so much, I had to read and was browsing through my piles. I picked “The Letter” yet again.

Reading the initial chapters kept me totally engrossed going through the details of a child’s thought when her father brings home a second wife, a grandmother’s belief in rituals to drive away the other woman and a voiceless accepting wife. It dawned to me that I am reading a memoir and it’s a glimpse of the reality of life in Manipur, the reality which many will not talk about. As I read through the pages, I was very intriqued with the stories touching different human relationships.

She has touched upon many aspects of life and articulated her dreams, fears, insecurities, love, courage, adventure and human relationships. And in her narration, she wrote very well about sensitive topics in a delicate manner and yet portraying her heartfelt feelings. I love the narration style of the book giving me a feeling of time travel, way back to the nineteen forties, with a mix of letters, poems, historical events and photographs. I love the details and in depth description in the book (E.g. Elders using Hookah/”Hidakphu”, the art of making tea, walking barefoot, ways of courting, traveling by foot, boat, bus etc.) giving an opportunity to understand a different time and ways of life. And truly, I felt the book as a gift to learn about origin, ancestors and learn a bit about the ways of life within the Meitei community.

I wish the size and resolution of the photographs in the book are higher and the recent photograph are in colors. My fascination on the stories left me wanting for more photographs of the earlier times at Jiribam. I wanted to know more about “mother” and her silent feelings.

To me, this book is about the strength, courage and growth of a woman keeping up with the fast changing time and place experiencing life’s journey from the east to the west. It’s about coming in terms with past events of life, accepting the people the way they are. It’s about healing and letting go of resentments accumulated. It’s about questioning the unspoken accepted norms set for woman in Manipur. It’s about rising through education and openness to adapt and change with the pace of time and place.

I would definitely recommend you to read this book. You will get a glimpse of the life of women in Manipur, the unspoken and accepted polygamy system, caste/hierarchical system which comes out strongly during matchmaking, the choice and length people go for a male heir within the “Meitei” community that might change your perception of woman’s status in Manipur. And you will surely feel the high spirit and strength of a woman following her heart. You can get the book from Amazon.



Book reviews by Monica Ingudam

Born in Manipur (India), based in Maryland (USA) patent holder for identifying Caller ID, with Computer Science Engineering background, you will find Monica Ingudam crunching numbers and data as an Analyst.  During the weekends you will find her hosting FindingTheVoices talk-show featuring authors, artists and people who inspire, empower, educate and entertain with the vision to connect and spread positivity. You will find her reading, writing and painting in her quiet time.


S02E06 FindingTheVoices: Robert Mulkey, author of the book “This Is My Lemonade” an adoption story.

S02E06 FindingTheVoices: Robert Mulkey, author of the book “This Is My Lemonade” an adoption story. A journey involving abuse, identity, acceptance, rejection and reconciliation

Guest Speaker : Robert Mulkey joining in from California, USA.

“This is My Lemonade,” a memoir by Robert Mulkey, follows an unusual 34 year adoption journey. It is an international story involving identity, acceptance, abuse and redemption and the uncomfortable intricacies of not one, but three families.

I was browsing #Goodreads found this as an e-book. I started reading and before I knew it I had read half the book in one evening. Definitely a page turner. These lines stayed with me “I wanted to thank her for being selfless enough to let me live and let someone else have me”

Call me old fashioned but I enjoy reading a book, a real paper book (not an e-book) turning the pages, smelling the pages, marking up my favorite lines. Despite reading this book as an e-book, I was engrossed with the story and these lines stayed with me “Murderers are allowed to live; despots go unpunished, yet this beautiful woman with the heart full of love who moved everyone she met would no longer be here …”. I looked up for the author to give him my feedback. And he responded so quickly and he agreed to be our Guest Speaker and share more about this books. I had so many questions “Did your mother feel jealous, insecure as he was getting more active in his search for his biological family ? Why was it so important for him to search for his biological family ? How honest was he in his writing and how did people react to his writing ? Did he get closure or healing in the process of writing this book ?” and many more questions. Watch his interview to learn more about the book and the author himself.

You can find his book at Amazon. You can Follow Bob Mulkey at Facebook or His Website.

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