HAPPY FATHER’s DAY to (Late) Haitung Pame, Memoirs from Armstrong Pame

Father’s Name:  (Late) Haitung Pame, worked as primary school teacher cum carpenter.

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He worked for over 28 years as a teacher in a village called taguaram in tousem sub division.

..every thing he did had been a memorable one. Particularly when he said son don’t worry as long as I am alive I am gonna give my everything to make you what you wanna be…while I and my brother was there at shillong in 2001, when many of our frds received their monthly installment from home, we could never get sufficient amount in time, but whichever little money he sends he would say sons utilize this money to buy books, eat good food, take tuition if necessary etc, and would say don’t worry for money..just let me know if u need more there are so many works I can do to earn through carpentry. he would wake up at 3 30 am in the morning and start working and would stop till the sun sets and if there be a moonlit he still would be working…

Submitted by: Armstrong Pame, presently serving as SDO Tousem in Tamenglong district, Manipur, India.

Armstrong Pame IAS officer from Tamenglong sharing the journey in making the 100 KM Road in Manipur without any help or funding from the Government

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HAPPY FATHER’s DAY to Nongmaithem Achouba Singh, Wishes from Nongmaithem Jiten Singh

Father’s Name: Nongmaithem Achouba Singh, Asst Teacher, Kakching

When you were away from for days, weeks, months and years for physical works and later for duties, I missed you and I hated you. When I was sad and hungry because of the hardship, you gave me the courage to live on and do well with studies. Your repeated words “Lairik pu tamge hairadi paisa leitrasu ei (blood) yolla-ga tamhan-gani” made me work harder and stronger within. At times we fought when you became erroneous, that was because you taught me to be sincere in early stages of my life. Dear Baji (and mother too) – I love and thankful to you for whatever you have done for me and I always wish that you live healthy and happy for the rest of the life.  Happy Father’s Day and stay healthy always.

Submitted by: Nongmaithem Jiten Singh, Senior Scientist,  Suwon – South Korea