HAPPY FATHER’s DAY to Oinam Nabakumar Singh, Wishes from Tampha Oinam Gupta

Father’s Name: Oinam Nabakumar Singh, Retired Army officer , Imphal

My father is a retired army officer & despite all the ideological differences people have/had about the Armed forces, he taught me to respect these very differences as its important to know both sides of the story. The one thing that has stayed with me the most was his insistence on good education. He encouraged academics passionately. When I had wanted to take up Geography honours, I was informed by the college that it was going to be expensive specially with the costs of the projects, cartography materials, etc. I was disheartened but my father stopped me from doing anything else other than that. He said : I’ll eat grass if I have to, but you shall do your geography honours. Thankfully it never came to that but his commitment towards our betterment & education is something I can never forget and am very proud of too. Many years after(and the geography honours done) and now a mother I hope I’m able to imbibe the same dedication towards education to my daughter.
Thank you for reading.
Have a wonderful Fathers Day!
Best wishes. Khoiramjari.

Submitted by: Tampha Oinam Gupta, London



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