HAPPY FATHER’s DAY to Mayengbam Swarjeshkumar Singh, Wishes from Mayengbam Pankaj Kumar

Father’s Name: Mayengbam Swarjeshkumar Singh, Sr. Acct. Asst. at MSCB. Imphal

(NB: Eche I do not have any photo with my Father, So I have attached one which was taken on my Niece’s B’day party.)

My father was always busy with his work but he did find time to take us to the movies or a concert from time to time. When the Hollywood blockbuster “Jurassic Park” was released and screened at “The Mini French” cinema hall, I requested him to take me to the movie. After days of pleadings, he finally agreed and we went to watch the movie this one holiday. My legs wouldn’t touch the ground when I was pillion riding on his Humber Bicycle, back then. So it was a holiday and the street was empty, I was so excited and couldn’t wait to reach the Hall. After a long ride, we eventually did reach the hall and voila! It was closed. Why? Because it was the 2nd of October, “Gandhi Jayanti”, one of the holidays on which a general strike was imposed in our state. I was disappointed and sulking. My father then took me to the Children’s Park (Indira Park) where I had lots of fun, sliding, swinging and what not. Although, I couldn’t watch that movie, it was still a memorable day.

Most of my elementary math skills were given by my father, especially the “Unitary Method”, he is very good at that. He taught us to be fearless, to be focused, to be a good person, humanism, among other things. Happy Father’s day Baba…:)

Submitted by: Mayengbam Pankaj Kumar, Student, Allahabad.


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