046 FindingTheVoices Dr. Ngangbam Shantikumar Meetei sharing his experience of being a Father

Dr. Ngangbam Shantikumar Meetei sharing his journey of being a Father. When I spoke to him about his experience of being a Father, it reminded me of my father and my experiences as a child.
Dr. Ngangbam Shantikumar Meetei is a Ph.D., Professor of English and a world bodybuilder champion, Mr. world 2013.
In the previous Episode 40 and Episode 41  Dr. Ngangbam Shantikumar Meetei shared about how he grew up and never gave up to get his education against all the odds he faced growing up in poverty and spoke about his experiences in body building.
He won 1st positions: Mr. Sub-Junior Manipur(1 time), Mr. Delhi(4 times), Mr. Northern India(3 times), Mr. Northern India Overall title winner(1 time), Mr. Taiwan National(13 times), Taiwan National Games(3 times), Mr. Hong Kong Invitation(1 time), Mr. East Asia(1 time), Mr Senior Asia(1), and most recently, in this month, July 5/6 Dr. Ngangbam Shantikumar Meetei beat the whole world and brought Gold medal for Manipur.
Also, He had competed East Asia (4 times), Senior Asian( 7 times), Asian Games( 2 times, 6th position twice, and Mr. Universe 6 times(2 times 9th place, 3 times 10th place and 1 time 14th place).

Episode 045 FindingTheVoices Being a Father special podcast from my 81 years old Father Ingudam Tomba Singh

Episode 045 FindingTheVoices : Being a Father, Special podcast from my 81 years old Father Ingudam Tomba Singh

I really admire his honesty, keeping time and his word, most importantly his value of raising and educating his kids without any difference of gender. This podcast was recorded on Father’s Day on June 16 2013 where he shares about raising, educating and treating kids equally without any differences based on Gender. And I thank FindingTheVoices for such wonderful special moments with my Father,  Ingudam Tomba Singh where we can speak and share his wonderful thoughts. I thank him for raising me with gender equality and giving me the gift of education. Also I have to thank (though hard at that time !!) for the special bamboo stick (LiChei) treatment, which he got specially from Bishenpur in Manipur for all 4 of us. By the time we all passed out our 10th Grade, I must say all these sticks were battered towards the end.

Today is his 81st birthday and we wish him a very Happy Birthday and pray for his good health.

Listen to his previous Episode where he his journey of getting education growing up from his Village Oinam in Manipur.  I am proud to present his wonderful story about growing up from a village and how he strived to study against all odds and proving how important EDUCATION is. He wouldn’t care and gave up materialistic items, but made sure that all his 4 children are educated inspite of the financial constraints, treating sons and daughters equally. I believe in EEMUL : Ema Epa Mitna Uba Laini (Parents are living God) and yes he is my living God.   I am blessed to have the honour to talk with Ingudam Tomba Singh, retired from Lilong Houreibi College and Vice Principal from Oriental College, Imphal and my Father.

This podcast is in Meitei Lon (Manipuri) Language.