FindingTheVoices with Mr. RK Budhimanta, Art and creativity in Manipur. (Part 2)
Guest Speaker : Mr. RK Budhimanta
Language: Interview in English

Location: RKCS Art Gallery, Imphal, Manipur, India

Catch up the 1st part of his interview at FindingTheVoices with Mr. RK Budhimanta, learning about RKCS Art Gallery, Manipur.

RK Budhimanta, a 4th generation artist of the RKCS family and one of the most prominent artists of the state, has been carrying on the longest tradition of painting in Manipur. He has been taking the lead in showcasing and exhibiting the beautiful portrayals of history, culture and traditions of Manipur in various parts of India. Mr. Budhimanta has plans to extend their presence at the international level although he says that lately he has been fairly occupied with delivering the numerous orders they have been receiving. He says that there has been quite a demand for their paintings even by the Manipuris settled abroad. The RKCS Museum of Arts and Crafts is a place of attraction both for the locals and tourists alike. Many dignitaries of the state and nation have already visited the museum and is one of the most acclaimed tourist attractions in Manipur. The curator says that they have been able to maintain the museum because of the generous donations made by the visitors at the museum.

Besides paintings, the RKCS family also organizes other activities like painting competitions for children and has also published a few books about art and collection of literatures by the legendary artist, Rajkumar Chandrajitsana. Our guest also talks about his miniature paintings of famous personalities of the world. He started making the 1cmx1cm sized paintings in 2001 and so far he has created about 270 of such. The first miniature paintings he ever made were of Osama Bin Laden and George W. Bush!

About FindingTheVoices:

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S03E32 FindingTheVoices with Mr. RK Budhimanta: Art and creativity in Manipur (Part 2)

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