FindingTheVoices with Mr. RK Budhimanta, learning about RKCS Art Gallery, Manipur. (Part 1)
Guest Speaker : Mr. RK Budhimanta
Language: Interview in English

Location: RKCS Art Gallery, Imphal, Manipur, India

Established in 1947, the RKCS Art Gallery showcases the beautiful, captivating
and imaginative artworks done by the legendary artist of Manipur, Rajkumar Chandrajitsana Singh. The chain of paintings inside the art studio captures the remarkable genius of the artist himself and each one of his paintings instill
curiosity in our minds and make us wonder what could be the story behind
the portrait. Today, the legacy of the artist is proudly and proficiently carried on by his son, Mr. RK Budhimanta, who is one of the most eminent artists of Manipur.
Mr. RK Budhimanta, the 4th generation artist of the RKCS family, shares stories about the magnificent artist that his father was. From theatre backdrops to movie posters, mythological illustrations to historical accounts, we get to know a lot more in details about the early days of the legendary artist. Mr. RK Budhimanta also shares with us the incident that inspired RKCS to take up the project of depicting the history of Manipur in paintings–the same project that took 10 years of hard work and dedication including vast and in-depth research with the scholars of Manipur.
Apart from these skills, RKCS was also an acrobat and a good wrestler and has even acted in one of the dramas during his early days.

About FindingTheVoices:

Born and raised in the violence-torn landscape of Manipur, I have a vision to promote and spread inspiring, empowering, educative & entertaining stories. I believe that we can create contents bringing the positive side of Manipur. I believe we can do this together by finding the voices, voices which needs to be heard and shared, voices of our own people, people of Manipur and well-wishers of Manipur. I believe that these voices will bring a change and connect all of us.

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S03E05 FindingTheVoices with Mr. RK Budhimanta: About RKCS Art Gallery, Manipur (Part 1)

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