S03E19 FindingTheVoices with RK Ranendrajit: Sedition and Freedom in Manipur (Part 3)
Guest Speaker :RK Ranendrajit, Social Activist, a former fighter pilot of the IAF and former editor of Freedom in Manipur.
Language: Interview in Meteilon
Location: Bir Tikendrajit Memorial complex, Manipur, India

Presenting the third part of RK Ranendrajit ’s interview..
Former fighter pilot and social activist,  RK Ranendrajit talks about the development of sports in Manipur and the need to hunt for young talent and groom the upcoming generations. He stressed the need to sustain a very good infrastructure in sports so that the level of competition is in par with international standards. He also emphasized the importance of providing sufficient funds in the sports department in Manipur so that there would be enough staffs and leaders who could carry on sports management and development for the future generations.
RK Ranendrajit also talks about the gutsy newspaper daily, Freedom. The press was established on 12th December, 1992 but discontinued from the first week of February, 2001 because of constant opposition by the Government of Manipur. He was charged of sedition by the Government citing an article that he published during the 90’s as being rebellious. However, he was acquitted and the sedition charges were dropped after 17 years by the court. He has faced similar situations in the past. During his time in the Indian Air Force serving as a fighter pilot, RK Ranendrajit’s integrity was questioned and he was put under constant surveillance by the organization as his brother, RK Meghen alias Sanayaima, was the chairman of the banned insurgent group United National Liberation Front. Then in Manipur, the Government tainted the reputation of the institute by getting the school raided in the middle of the night under suspicion of being a revolutionary school.
Tune in to this episode to listen to RK Ranendrajit expressing how he feels about all these incidents in his life. Apart from these dark spots, he also talks about the positive changes that have come about.

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S03E19 FindingTheVoices with RK Ranendrajit: Sedition and Freedom in Manipur.

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