"You are not alone" a series of FindingTheVoices 
dedicated to Irom Sharmila Chanu of Manipur. 
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Chaoba Phuritshabam, Delhi, India "We, as people of Manipur should be very shameful"
 Irom Sharmila Chanu says she is misunderstood by the people and she needs voice of moral support.

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  1. meecoibi

    Eche we r very grateful for holding up this show.. I almost cried..let’s hill valley unit let’s poor not be exploit by rich. Most who r against eche sharmila have political interest though meira peibi emas protests was for different reasons.. Che sharmila should not hold back becuz of same nay sayer.

  2. ChongChanu

    I too support eche sharmila. People are too selfish to accept her decision.

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