S03E06 FindingTheVoices with Mr. Khaute Ginlal Chung Vaiphei, growing up at Churachandpur, Manipur.
Guest Speaker : Mr. Khaute Ginlal Chung Vaiphei
Language: Interview in English

Location: Delhi, India

Mr. Khaute Ginlal Chung Vaiphei, currently working as Executive Officer in the Lok Sabha Secretariat, has got an inspirational story to tell us. Born and brought up in Churachandpur, one of the most impoverished districts of India, Mr. Chung Vaiphei has come a long way from humble beginnings to
become the successful man that he is today. He worked very hard and persevered through thick and thin to create a legacy of his own. Mr. Chung Vaiphei has his parents to thank to for giving him one of the most important things in his life–Education. Although his father was deprived of education because of family traditions, Mr. Chung’s parents made sure their children got the best possible education they could provide in the remote village. In this episode, we go down the memory lane with Mr. Chung narrating about his early days in the village and telling us how his father paved the way for a brighter more fruitful life for the family. He also shares about his college days and the hardships he faced during the time–how he had given up his ambitions but got back up in life by carrying on with inner strength and by God’s grace. Tune in to listen to the story of how Mr. Chung cleared all the hurdles in life and finally got the job in Delhi. This is the first part of his interview.

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