S02E32 FindingTheVoices: Tamara Reisdorf From Germany, First time Author, Nanowrimo 2015 Winner

FindingTheVoices: Tamara Reisdorf From Germany, First time Author, Nanowrimo 2015 Winner

Guest Speaker : Tamara Reisdorf
Interview Location: Web Interview, Guest Speaker joining in, from Germany.
Language: Interview in English

I love the concept of Nanowrimo , to write a novel in 1 month. On November 1, participants begin working towards the goal of writing a 50,000-word novel by 11:59 PM on November 30. We have Tamara Reisdorf from Germany, First time Author and Nanowrimo 2015 Winner sharing about her experience. It was really great to learn her experience and Nanowrimo is a great platform for first time author, trying to write with the drive and support, to pour out the 50K words floating in your mind into written words.

A little bit about Tamara Reisdorf in her own words:

My name is Tamara Reisdorf. I am a 24-year old german, social worker and participated this year for the first time in Nanowrimo. Currently I am getting a master degree and there I specialize in grief/loss/death and social work related to this. At the moment my thesis is about how grief is shown in children’s books. Afterwords I plan to do a Phd in the same research field. This inspired me to write my novel about a 11-year old girl (Prim), who lost her sister a few weeks ago. Therefore she is full of grief and sadness. Then she meets Alma who is a Bothynum which is a little creature that gets send to humans, who are going through a hard time. Only the human who they get send to can see them. Together they experience the loss in the family, the burial and different things.


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