Music of the world 003: Jamaican Reggae artist Nesbeth “My Dream”

Reggae is a music genre originated in Jamaica in the late 1960s. It’s always interesting to learn about music in different parts of the world. I love the beat, rhythm and musical characteristics of Reggae being played 4/4 times.

For instance in Nasbeth’s song, Joy in the morning, which is one of my favorite amongst his collection, he goes:

“It’s gonna be joy in the morning,

It’s gonna be joy in the morning,

It’s gonna be joy in the morning,

It’s gonna be joy in the morning”

and that captures the whole essence of the song and I can sing along that part at least.

The other aspect of reggae which is captured very well in Nesbeth’s song “My Dream” is the beat and rhythm of the music, a music which will make your body sway as you listen. It’s interesting to hear the child’s version of My Dream in his soundcloud list.

Listening to “My Dream, My Dream, My Dream, My Dream” reaffirms that my dream is important and I need to pursue my dream. Music is a medium which can get you through many facets of emotions, giving you the strength to bear low phase or heighten your spirits to the peak.

Yes, I had to look up on Nesbeth’s background, he grew up in the urban Arnett Gardens neighborhood of West Kingston on the island of Jamaica, referred to as “The Concrete Jungle” because of high crime rates and widespread economic hardship. It’s interesting to note that throughout his childhood, music was the sun in his life, and his curiosity about using it to communicate and to offer comfort to himself and others grew as he began to experiment with recording and discover his own voice. And this is reflected in his song Taste Victory which shows the trainings, hard work, failures before the taste of Victory, a beautiful way of expressing the way to tasting Victory.

Here is the link to listen to his songs at

Here is the video of his song Taste Victory

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