008 Matters of the Heart : 1 year of love!

“Matters of the heart”, a  #Valentine ‘s Day special, Contributed by : Anonymous

A sickness that led me to fall in love
A sudden illness of mine make my friend came down till pune from Bangalore to nurse me
later when I didn’t get well he took me to his place
I was crying in pain on the journey but he was there holding my hand for the whole 15 hours journey
I was feeling secure later in morning when I reach Bangalore it was another wonder struck
he’s big brother welcome me warmly which make me feels like home
I was received by his brother’s Friend, his girlfriend and another Friend
everyone was real eager to see me
after getting better day by day
I got used to the environment
And I start falling for him
he woke up early to make my breakfast
he wash my feet and sometimes my hairs
he’ll comb my hairs and even do laundry when there is no one at home
a day came when I was having hard to digest dal at dinner
it was 10 at night , he just walk away quietly while we are having dinner and bought another take away dish from outside
I was so emotionally hurt to see him how much he care for me
not only this, when everyone leave the house for office he’ll remind again and again to locked the door from outside as I’ll be staying alone
oh his caring can’t b express through words or can’t be weighted
but all this love and care are now vanished, it lasted only a year
we broke up on our anniversary.

I still remember my first Valentine gift from him
And I still have that rose
4 yrs have passed but I still remember every single moment spend with him.

He still have a handkerchief stained in black kajal in a file where he keep his school certificate
That’s the handkerchief he wiped my tears on the journey to Bangalore
a girl witch crafted him and took away from me
this is how we separated
but till now he never speak ill of me neither me
he part our ways under mutual understanding
but I can’t forget his last words, ” nangdi nasa yam fate eikhoi mama baba kamaina seba toudoino”
when we are in love he said he’ll take care of everything but at last it was just words to lure me.

~The End ~

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