Episode 057 FindingTheVoices Swar Thounaojam sharing about sexual harassment and her own story as a victim (Part 3)

 Episode 057 FindingTheVoices Swar Thounaojam Playwright and Theatre Director sharing aboutsharing about sexual harassment and her own story as a victim (Part 3)

Presenting the 3rd part of Swar Thounaojam’s podcast where she shares details about sexual harassment and her own story as a victim. In this podcast, she  talks in details about the incident that happened on December 5, 2012 in Bangalore, India following an accident in which her car was hit. She said in an article covered at The Hindu  “I was assaulted by a traffic police constable. He barred me from entering my car and allowed a mob of around 40 men to sexually harass me. I filed two FIRs that evening — one for the accident and another for the sexual harassment and criminal intimidation I faced at the hands of the constable and the mob.” Listen to this podcast to hear her story in her own words of the trauma and difficulties she has to go through as a victim going through the legal process.

Catch up the first part of her podcast and second part of her podcast where she talks about her journey of being a Playwright and Theatre Director and her plays. Swar Thounaojam worked in Delhi, Mumbai, and Munich, and currently runs a Bengaluru-based theater company named FewerEmergencies.


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