Episode 056 FindingTheVoices : Swar Thounaojam, Playwright and Theatre Director sharing about her plays.

Presenting the 2nd part of Swar Thounaojam’s podcast where she shares details about her plays. In this podcast, she  talks in details of each of her plays. She shared details about ” Bogey Systems” “Fake Palindromes” “Lucky Lobster“. I loved listening to her sharing about her inspiration for each of this play and how she imbibes and connect Manipur in some way to each of her plays. Is theatre a sustainable career option ? Listen to her sharing about the finance part in the theatre world. It was great learning and seeing a glimpse of the theater world from our very own Swar Thounaojam.

Full play is available online and you can read Fake Palindromes.

Catch up the first part of her podcast where she talks about her journey of being a Playwright and Theatre Director. Swar Thounaojam worked in Delhi, Mumbai, and Munich, and currently runs a Bengaluru-based theater company named FewerEmergencies.


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