Episode 042 FindingTheVoices : June Neelu singer from Manipur sharing her journey in the music world

Episode 042 FindingTheVoices : June Neelu singer from Manipur sharing her journey in the music world

Enjoy the podcast of June Neelu, singer from Manipur. June Neelu have won our hearts with her beautiful voice in many of her songs. Her latest addition of video musical “Korou” and “I came, I saw , I conquered” indeed conquered our hearts. Singing is her passion and you can feel it in her songs.

Listen to her amazing journey where you can see her progression from the time she started her journey into the music world recording her songs using chat microphone till now in video musical collaborating with other wonderful talents creating beautiful music joining all our hearts together.

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Trailer Episode 042 FindingTheVoices : June Neelu singer from Manipur sharing her journey in the music world

Sneak peek of our very own sweet June Neelu’s podcast. Full episode will be released this Friday where June Neelu shares about her journey entering the world of music.

HAPPY FATHER’s DAY to Dr.G.Mahendra Kr. Sharma, Wishes from June Neelu

Father’s Name: Dr.G.Mahendra Kr. Sharma, Imphal,Manipur

On Father’s Day, I wouldn’t want to tell about how great my Baba is but I would want to tell him a big ‘Thank you’ for what he made me as a person. I remember him telling me fairytales when I was a kid. Even though he would have numerous important work, he would still read me the fairytales. Those stories made me dream big in my life and of course he used to give “lectures” like every other dad but he wouldn’t scold me or whatsoever.
He would always try to reason it out and make me understand. His teaching and mentoring on character formation is immense and i know that those time proved really crucial for me to become a better human being. He’s the one who counseled me on my life and my careers and gave me a clear perspective on life.
He is not only my dad but my doctor as well. His love and care has treated me more than his prescriptions. He made me believe that I am special. And today I want to tell him that, I am what I am today because of him. Because He is special to me.
Happy Father’s day Baba. I love you.

Submitted by: June Neelu, Singer, Marketing Executive, Bangalore

HAPPY MOTHER’s DAY Dr.N.Shantibala Devi

Mama’s Name –  Dr.N.Shantibala Devi, Senior Lecturer, Manipur.

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The woman who taught me values, manners, responsibilities, always one step behind whenever I need a helping hand. the one to sing along with when i’m the happiest. The one who has sacrificed her time for everyone’s good and especially for me. I admire her love,beauty, her strength and courage trying to meet every end without any fuss. My biggest inspiration, my strength, the best gift the almighty has bestowed upon me – “My Mama”. I love you lots.

I wish i could spend more time with her. I regret that our work keeps us away.

Submitted by June Neelu, Singer/Marketing Executive, Bangalore, India