039 FindingTheVoices Dr Khundongbam Palin sharing his vision of making Manipur a Healthcare Hub of SE Asia

Dr. Palin Khundongbam, Entrepreneur, Chairman and Managing Director of Shija Hospitals sharing his journey and story for the rapid advancement of medical sciences in North-East India sharing about his vision of creating “Manipur a Healthcare Hub of South East ASIA“, He shares about his strategy and steps taken in retaining our own people, improving and upgrading infrastructure & technologies, getting the trust to be treated in Manipur. There are many patients from outside Manipur state including Nagaland, Mizoram, Assam and going international with patients from Myanmar.

Listen to know more about Smile Train Shija Cleft Project. This is a joint initiative of Smile Train Inc., USA and Shija Hospitals and Research Institute, Imphal has set on a journey to render free surgical treatment to cleft lip and palate patients changing many people’s life. Yes absolutely FREE.

Listen to know about latest technologies and equipment’s at Shija Hospitals which will make it a global destination for healthcare, different type of plastic surgery covering both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. We are looking forward to seeing Shija Hospitals develop the Wellness Park which will provide a complete Medical solution and will attract Medical Tourism for people from outside the state go for healthcare solutions and also see the beautiful place in Manipur.


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