HAPPY FATHER’s DAY to Atom Sonamani Singh, Wishes from Atom Rajiv Singh

Father’s Name: Atom Sonamani Singh
Profession:Govt. Employee, Chingamakha Sorokhaibam Leikai,Liwa Road Imphal

I haven’t speak much with my dad. And can’t even talk for a long time. We are like cat and dog. The war start automatically from nowhere :). It doesn’t means that I hate him and he too knows it. I am so proud of having him as my father. And I could learnt a lot from him. A situation to even survived in a very sad moment with a smile on my face. And he exhort always to  do positive to me. And one thing I like about my dad most is he loves/treat my friends just like his daughters and his sons.

Thank you so much “FindingTheVoices” for allowing me to jot down some of my feelings in this very special day. And I wish all my friends and everyone who read this a very “Happy Fathers day”

Submitted by: Atom Rajiv Singh (Volunteer at NECEER(North East Centre for Environmental
Education and Research, Chingamakha Sorokhaibam Leikai,Liwa Road Imphal)


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