HAPPY MOTHER’s DAY Mayengbam Jamini Leima

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Ema: Mayengbam Jamini Leima, Housewife/Singer(Lu-hongba and laishol eshei)

My Ema is an epitome of resilience, perseverance….”The perfect woman”,
despites so many disappointments and hardships, she never wavered. Had
she wavered at any point of time, my existence will have been

Using this opportunity, I would like to thank Ema for bringing me and
my siblings to this world, and at the same time, maintaining this
family unit….For, encouraging me, giving moral supports at all times
and never demanding anything in return….For sharing her wonderful
philosophies of life and thus directing me to “keep moving forward”…

I am sorry Ema, that I have not been able to be the “Perfect Son”, not
able to make you proud, not able to achieve anything worthwhile, not
able to provide you with the happiness you deserve… However, I do
promise, with your blessings, I will make you proud and happy,
“Emagi Laman Shingba ngamba oijage”
Happy Mother’s Day

Submitted by: Mayengbam Pankaj Kumar, Student, Allahabad, India.


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