HAPPY MOTHER’s DAY Laithangbam Meghararani Devi

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Mom’s name & Profession – Laithangbam Meghararani Devi, Govt. employee, Imphal

What do you appreciate in your MOM and want to say Thank you for?

 Mama you are the only person who truly worried when I worried and prayed when I despaired. Mama you are just so beautiful and wonderful in every way. I have been brought up on your lap defended by your priceless advises and control. I wouldn’t be here today at this platform without your parental guidance and control. You taught me what should I do and I shouldn’t do? Mama you made me realize that in life there is nothing that can replace parental guidance. And this word “Thank You” is not sufficient enough to express my love and respect towards you. May God shower all His blessings upon you. I love you Mama so much and unconditionally.

Any moment you want to say sorry about?

 I know that there is nothing grudges inside your heart as you have been so good in forgiving my mistakes, moreover you taught me lessons after every small mistakes of mine and guided me so positively. But still I would like to say sorry if in case if I have hurt you Mama for a moment or so. I feel so secured with your unconditional love and when you are around.

Submitted by: Halley Laithangbam, Full time Model, Bangalore, India.


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