Remembering Reverend Father Mathew Planthottam (St. Joseph School, Imphal) on Christmas Day

May Love, Joy, Peace and Goodwill be your Gift at Christmas. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.

Remembering Reverend Father Mathew Planthottam (St. Joseph School, Imphal) on Christmas Day. Father Mathew passed away in 2007 but we still remember you fondly and miss you.

Father Mathew Planthottam founded St. Joseph’s School at Sangaiparou, Imphal. He is very popular and well-known for his kindness amongst many people and students in Manipur. It is amazing how much of love, help, Guidance he gave and have changed people’s life in ways you cannot imagine !!! And he did this irrespective of whether you are a Christian or not, rich or poor … His heart was so huge to give out so much love, and positive changes into people’s life !!!  He was never tired of teaching right values and morals … And it was because of his influence and teaching that shaped me into what I am today. We miss you this Christmas.

I really appreciate all his work and also all the work of all the Fathers and Sisters (Little Flower School, Imphal, St. Joseph School, Imphal and many more …) doing what they do changing people’s life in a positive way facing all the struggles and challenges in Manipur.  Thank you !!


This is one of the article written by Monindro Ingudam when he passed away. Please read blog  hosted by Manoranjan Ingudam to know and share about St. Joseph School, Imphal.


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